What is Accounts Receivable Funding?

Accounts Receivable Funding is a way to ensure your business has the cash it needs to operate and grow. It works by tapping into the money hidden in your accounts receivable ledger.

If you have invoiced other businesses and are waiting for payment, this is effectively usable credit and it is a shame to borrow at high interest to make ends meet when you technically have the money on your balance sheet. So instead of entering into a term loan requiring regular repayments, a business can use its accounts receivable book to get money upfront, instead of waiting weeks or months for an invoice to be paid. Businesses can meet many of their funding needs, including major investments, using this flexible form of finance.

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It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.

Accounts Receivable Funding Offers A Great Solution To

For small and medium size businesses that need working capital to keep growing

Businesses with annual revenue of at least $1.0 million and who have at least 4 regular paying customers

For businesses that are coming out of a tough trading environment that need cash today to bridge the gap between invoicing customers and getting paid

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

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How does it work?

  • After setting up a funding account, invoices are emailed or uploaded to us. TIM will then transfer up to 90% of the face value of the invoice in to your account within 24 hours.
  • When the invoice is paid in full by your debtor, your business will receive the remaining balance less a small discount fee charged.
  • No upfront fees.

How Much Money Can You Access?

  • You can draw down on funds at any time and for any amount (minimum: $100,000) provided you have at least sufficient outstanding invoices to provide for the amount you require.
  • The amount of funding you can access is directly correlated to your current receivables ledger, not your past sales and not your debt position of the business.
  • As your debtor/s pay their invoices as per your current payment terms, you are then able to repeat the process of re-drawing down the funds you require, over and over. The TIM “cash flow loan” or invoice finance as we like to call it, can be utilised as and when you need it and you can access up to $5.0 million for your business at any one time.
  • We offer flexible funding facilities ranging from $100,000 to $5.0 million.

Why use Accounts Receivable Funding?

The days when various forms of bank funding – usually linked to property security – were the only option for businesses seeking funding are long gone. Many Australian SMEs have embraced alternatives such as TIM’s flexible invoice finance. Quite simply, it’s easier, fairer, faster and cheaper. Well over $60 billion is funded to Australian businesses each year using their accounts receivables ledger.

No Hidden Fees

No upfront Application fees, no property security required and no hidden fees.

It’s 100% Flexible

We’ll provide the flexibility you require in order to manage your cash flows. No long lock-in contracts either.

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