Video Transcript

Invoice financiers will pay up to 90% of your verified unpaid invoices upfront. When your customer pays you on your agreed credit terms either 30, 45, 60 or even 90 days later, you will then received the second payment or the residual payment of 10% minus a small fee to compensate for the early funding. As the global market continue to grow, more business owners are choosing invoice finance to improve their cash flow cycle as opposed to more complex loan products such as unsecured business loans or commercial finance solutions. With invoice finance, because it’s not a loan, you’re simply being paid your own cash up front. You’re not charged principal and interest repayments, in fact, there are no repayments with invoice finance. With invoice finance, your also only charged as and when you use it, and it’s usually at a far lower costs than a non bank loan. It only takes generally between two and four days from submitting your application to be approved for an invoice finance facility and become an active customer. All you need to do is upload your invoices into the financier’s system and within 24 hours of those invoices being verified by your customer, you’ll be paid up to 90% of that invoice value. With a quick online process and money available within 24 hours of approval, the advantages of invoice finance are clear. It is also important to note that invoice finance does not get in the middle of your relationship with your customer, that’s what factoring is. We leave the management of your debtors to yourself so that you could maintain that good relationship with your customers, so that is how invoice finance works.