With the expertise to find smarter ways to avoid the pitfalls of borrowing funds, TIM Finance has been helping fund businesses with growth capital since 2014 in a fairer, more flexible and affordable manner than a traditional business loan.

CEO Angus Sedgwick has overseen TIM Finance’s development into one of Australia’s fastest-growing providers of cashflow funding solutions for Australian businesses, utilising its expertise to structure funding solutions to optimise a business’ working capital cycle. Mr Sedgwick commenced the business in 2014, when it was then known as The Invoice Market, and it has now funded over $850m to over 400 Australian businesses in the last six and a half years. The Australian Business Executive spoke with Mr Sedgwick recently to learn about his background in the finance industry, the benefits of utilising various cashflow funding solutions, and the commitment TIM Finance has to educating Australian businesses on the power of invoice financing.