Debtor finance is a smart way of getting your business the cash it needs to operate, invest and grow.

All businesses have a series of regular outgoings and payment obligations, from wages and supplier bills to rent, energy costs and taxes. On top of that, they sometimes need to find money in order to invest, for example in new equipment.

No business can afford to be late on its payments, so when the bank account runs dry, many resort to borrowing the cash they need but business overdrafts and unsecured loans are expensive – especially given that your business is most likely already owed the money it needs, so why take on debt? Most businesses have tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in unpaid invoices at any one time. Debtor Finance unlocks that money by receiving the cash from those invoices as soon as they are issued. So much money is tied up in invoices nowadays, that a trading business can often meet major finance requirements in this cost effective way.

As soon as you’re approved, you can upload some of your invoices or your entire Accounts Receivables ledger and you will receive the funds on the same day or within 24 hours of invoice verification. To get started, simply complete the online application form provided on our website. It will only take a few seconds and won’t affect your credit rating.

TIM charges no upfront application fees to set up an account, nor does TIM charge weekly or monthly interest and principal repayment fees like a traditional unsecured business loan. All you pay is a small percentage of the invoice value funded (called a discount fee) and only when your debtors pay their invoices. What this means is that you make no ongoing interest repayments at all. The actual discount fee charged varies based on the size and value of the business and the debtors being funded, suffice to say that it usually works out cheaper than taking out an unsecured business loan or even an unsecured overdraft facility. Yes, that’s correct – simple and fair.

TIM’s cash flow funding solutions DO NOT require property security as collateral. We use your Accounts Receivables ledger as collateral. The larger your ledger, the more funds we will advance you with no other physical security.

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It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.

Debtor finance is the smart use of money.

For small and medium size businesses that need working capital to keep growing

Businesses with annual revenue of at least $1.0 million and who have at least 4 regular paying customers

For businesses that are coming out of a tough trading environment that need cash today to bridge the gap between invoicing customers and getting paid

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

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How much money can I get?

A typical debtor finance arrangement with TIM would see our clients get up to 90% of their whole debtors book – in cash. The balance is paid to your business (less a small discount fee to TIM) when your debtors pay their invoices.

Use our quick calculator to work out how much cash you can unlock if you use all, or part, of your accounts receivables ledger.

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Ok, how much does this REALLY cost?

TIM has no application fees to establish a Funding Account, there no upfront fees levied when getting cash for an invoice, and there are no interest repayments.

It just doesn’t work that way. Only when your clients pay their invoices will you be charged a pre-agreed fee on the invoices funded. It comes straight out of the payment so you don’t need to find the cash. Think of it as giving your customers a discount for early settlement.