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Does your business need funding to cover the working capital costs, from the time you receive a purchase order from your overseas customers until the goods arrive and are paid for (by your customer), if so then TIM’s Export Finance is the solution for you.

Our solutions allow you to retain the capital in your business until the goods are delivered to your customer overseas and paid for. If required, TIM will also manage your entire logistics, freight forwarding and forex, with no property security required.

Once established, the line of credit can be drawn, repaid and used repeatedly.

Export finance will help you close the funding gap between the time an order is received from an overseas customer; the cash required for you to make/purchase the goods and then waiting for the goods to be shipped and payment received. This is usually a 60 to 120+ day cycle.

An export finance facility will ease the pressure on cash flow and can take care of all of the complex paperwork and procedures that come with it. TIM’s Export Finance solution can fund up to 100% of overseas purchases; freight, duty and GST (where applicable), all the way through to the point where your customer pays your invoice.

Export Finance can be used by any business that exports goods or wants to export goods to sell to other businesses.

Our funding solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of each business and can be structured to provide total funding for periods up to 120 days.
Our pricing is very competitively priced. The total all-in fees vary depending on your business, the type of products, the time to manufacture and the shipping time, through to payment by your customer. We have no hidden fees and charges, so please do call or complete our enquiry form and we will gladly assist. This type of trade finance is very specific, tailored to suit the financial demands of companies who export.

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Export Finance
Offers A Great Solution To

For small and medium size businesses that need working capital to keep growing

Businesses with annual revenue of at least $1.0 million and who have at least 4 regular paying customers

For businesses that are coming out of a tough trading environment that need cash today to bridge the gap between invoicing customers and getting paid

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

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Why use TIM’s Export Finance?

  • Release of working capital:

    TIM replaces the capital you normally have to outlay for export transactions allowing you to deploy your cash elsewhere in growing your business.

  • One point of contact:

    A dedicated account manager oversees the entire transaction, keeping you updated. It completely removes the administration complexities and cash flows usually required in managing exports.

  • No below the line costs:

    Eliminate the need to use standard or averages in determining the cost and sale-price by having to deal with exchange rates and changing logistics costs. The price quoted by TIM is the all-inclusive Australian dollar price per shipment delivered to your customer, with nothing more to pay.

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